A Manifesto for Week_End_Believers.

Hey… you. Yes you. We see you, landed on this page by accident, about to skim through this entry, not sure what to expect.

Let me ask you something. What do you call that feeling?
That feeling right before you turn the car key, precisely straight after you close the door.
That feeling of warm sand under your feet, the pop of a bottle, a cool snowflake on your tongue, a take off, a landing, an escape into a dream, a freshly cleared inbox, no inbox at all if you prefer.

Many recognize this as the joy of checking out -from anything and everything. Some call it different names but mostly all of us recognize it as the Week_End.
All of us love it…And need it…

We believe in it.

Our name acronyms ‘WEEK_END_BELIEVERS’ exactly because we are not afraid to shamelessly declare that WE ARE ALL JUST LIVING FOR IT!

We BELIEVE that we all have the fundamental desire to daydream, to future plan and to aspire to pure unhinged BLISS. We also BELIEVE that nothing is more universally acknowledged as that LITTLE PIECE OF TWO-DAY HEAVEN.
But the Week_End is much more than just a Saturday merging into a Sunday (OK, Friday afternoon is a pretty epic trailer too.)

An infinite life event.

And we ‘re here to put you on the guest-list. No magic tricks, no cards up our sleeve, just a commitment to continuously provide the best tools to enjoy life.

Elegant, modern, everyday classics that can see you through; Everywhere in every wear and walk of life.

But keep it Week_End.

22 December 2020