There are certain beliefs that we tend to hold on to even if they don’t make any rational sense. For example the existence of Santa Claus, or the non existence of any calorie consumed after 23:00 while tiptoeing to the fridge ‘cause I just got thirsty dear’.

Now, if there’s ever been a year that has tested our strength to not fully flip out, it’s this one! And if you’ve found yourself looking for an escape scenario, perhaps now is a moment to start looking at slightly bigger things; like space.

Now in fact is an excellent time to turn our attention to bigger and brighter things. Like a stellar trip, not to a parallel universe necessarily we can limit ourselves to our own for now.

Something like an Interstellar Escape.

SPACE; The only destination bigger than the WEEK_END.

Join us then in a completely wild simulation powered by the mind forces known as ‘make-believe’ on the only viable ‘abroad’ option we have for now.
Nothing is going to stop us from planning and prepping for the perfect holiday. Its practically one of the things that we humans do best, and it starts with a simple meditation:

i need more space.

And we ‘re here to inspire you. Real life, practical, bite sized facts that you will need to know before you hand Richard Branson your space wallet.

Take notes, get inspired, and keep your antennas up!

And always, keep it Week_End.

20 December 2020