The week_end is not cancelled.

Do you lately find your nights and days turning into one? Feel like all the colours of the rainbow are merging into one murky tone? That all your meals taste the same?

Maybe stop ordering from the same take out. Maybe stop looking at life through dark tinted glasses –that are not WEB. But mostly maybe just stop!

If you’ve been tempted to literally cancel everything this year we’re here to tell you to cut it out.

And show you how.

The WEEK_END is the boss level of creative thinking for those that love to play.

If you have time on your hands, we have ideas. We are going to show you how to simulate all of your favourite week_end activities, from the comfort of your home.
A a little glitch in the planetary system is not going to hold us back from living life to the max ( safely please ) ( ok mostly safely) ( ok please don’t try to recreate the snowboard scene in your lobby ) (or if you do, use knee pads and a helmet ).

FIND YOUR WEEK_END SPIRIT ANIMAL AND SET IT FREE (and then give it all the snacks).

If you can’t find your own week_end mojo we have suggestions galore. We’re going to keep you entertained, feel inspired, looking good…

But above all, we ‘re going to keep you believing in the Week_End.

21 December 2020